Chung Lab Grant Funding

Current funding

1R01AR073764-01A1 (Chung)


“Comparative Safety of Pain Medications”

Duration: 04/01/2019 – 03/31/2024

The study examines the cardiovascular safety of three frequently prescribed non-opioid pain treatments—cyclobenzaprine, duloxetine, and pregabalin—among Medicare Part D beneficiaries. The drugs’ mechanisms of action, as well as preliminary data and reports of toxicity, have raised important concerns that the cardiovascular risk of these drugs has been underestimated. We will conduct three large well-powered retrospective cohort studies to provide essential information of great public health importance for improved safety in the pharmacologic management of chronic pain.


R01GM126535-01A1 (Chung)


“A Personalized Medicine Approach to Improve the Prediction of Azathioprine Toxicity”

Duration: 09/01/2018 – 07/31/2023

Azathioprine is a widely used medication with a high rate of serious side effects. Our present ability to predict these side effects is limited. This proposal aims to identify genetic determinants and generate risk scores to predict azathioprine toxicity, thereby improving patient care and advancing the goals of personalized medicine.


Previous funding (RRF funding relinquished upon the award of the 1R01GM126535-01A1)

K23AR064768 (Chung)


“CYP-3A Mediated Drug-Drug Interactions and Preventable Adverse Events in Rheumatology”

Duration: 09/16/2013-03/31/2018               

The goal of this project is to characterize the risk of clinically important toxicities associated with drug interactions involving medications frequently used in patients with musculoskeletal conditions.


Career Development K Supplement (Chung)

Rheumatology Research Foundation       

Duration: 10/01/2015–09/30/2017

This is a research award that provides additional support to cover research costs and help investigators to become independent.


Career Development R01 Bridge                                  

Rheumatology Research Foundation       

Duration: 11/01/2017 – 10/30/2019           

This research award provides additional support to cover research costs in anticipation of further funding.


VPSD (Chung)    

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Duration: 07/01/2012-06/30/2015

“CYP3A Mediated Drug-Drug Interactions and Preventable Adverse Events in Rheumatology”

This is an internal career development award for junior physician scientists to receive mentored investigative training. Specific goals are to define the risk of CYP3A mediated drug-drug interactions and their role as underlying mechanisms explaining preventable adverse drug events of drugs commonly used in rheumatology.