The Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) Internal Medicine Housestaff Handbook began with an Internal Medicine Resident Quality Improvement Project which was led by Michael J. Neuss, MD PhD, under the guidance of Jennifer K. Green, MD MPH.  

We would like to thank the following individuals for their contributions to the third edition of the Housestaff Handbook:

The many VUMC residents (past and present) who have meticulously authored each section of this handbook. They have dedicated significant quantities of time and effort to its production.

The VUMC faculty who carefully reviewed each topic for its accuracy.

The prior editors of the Handbook, as well as C. Alex Wiles, MD the 2nd edition's editor-in-chief, whose guidance was instrumental in the transition between editions.

Michael J. Neuss, MD PhD, the founder of the Commodore Compendium, who has remained a vital source of guidance in making the improvements and additions within the third edition.

Susanna Robertson, for her leadership in creation of the online version of this handbook.

John McPherson, MD, Kim Rathmell, MD PhD, Kristy Braden and Maria Kasel, for their unwavering support of this handbook.