Authors, Editors, & Reviewers

Authors are listed at the start of each topic, alongside titles. 
Any section authored by a resident underwent faculty review. 
Some sections were written by faculty or experts in those fields.



Aseel Alsouqi, MD   |   Robert Dunn, MD   |   C. Alex Wiles, MD


Resident Editors

Cardiology: Nowrin Haque, MD 
Critical Care:  Greta Dahlberg, MD 
Endocrinology: Alexandra Petrakos, MD 
Gastroenterology: Matthew H. Meyers, MD 
Geriatrics: Vikranth Induru, MD 
Hematology/Oncology: Eric Lander, MD
Hepatology: Gabe Sandoval, MD 
Infectious Diseases: Rebecca Choudhury, MD
Nephrology: David Li, MD
Neurology: Evan Johnson, MD
Outpatient: Warren Tai, MD 
Pain/Palliative: Aseel Alsouqi, MD
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation: Evan Berlin, MD 
Procedures, Appendices: Tyler Emerson, MD 
Psychiatry: Barrington Hwang, MD
Pulmonary: Henry Brems, MD 
Radiology: Ryan Adams, MD and Leah Brown, MD 
Rheumatology: Greg Jackson, MD  


Fellow Reviewer

Malignant Hematology: Sam Rubenstein, MD

Faculty Reviewers

Cardiology:  David Meoli, MD, PhD 
Critical Care: Todd Rice, MD and Joanna Stollings, PharmD
Endocrinology: Michelle L. Griffith, MD  
Gastroenterology: Patrick Yachimski, MD 
Geriatrics: Mariu Duggan, MD, MPH 
Hematology/Oncology: Michael N. Neuss, MD and Benjamin Tillman, MD
Hepatology: Natasha Schneider, MD 
Infectious Diseases: Sean Kelly, MD
Nephrology: Jamie Dwyer, MD; Anna Burgner MD, MEHP; and Beatrice Concepcion, MD
Neurology: Christopher Lee, MD
Outpatient: Jennifer K. Green, MD, MPH and Ashley Karpinos, MD, MPH 
Pain/Palliative: Mohana Karlekar, MD
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Clausyl Plummer, MD and Bart Huddleston, MD 
Procedures: Tyson Heller, MD
Psychiatry: Jonathan Smith, MD and Jose Arriola Vigo MD, MPH
Pulmonary: Meredith Pugh, MD 
Radiology: Virginia Planz, MD; Geoff Wile, MD; and Ryan Muller, MD 
Rheumatology: Susan F. Kroop, MD and Kevin Byram, MD 
Toxicology: Rebecca E. Bruccoleri, M.D.; Donna Seger, MD and Nena Bowman, PharmD