The authors and editors dedicate our handbook to the memory of Dr. Pierre Massion and Dr. Richard Light, whose compassion and commitment to education continue to guide and inspire us. 


Pierre Massion, MD, Cornelius Vanderbilt Chair and Professor of Medicine, our dear friend and colleague, internationally known expert on early detection and prevention strategies for lung cancer, passed away on April 4, 2021. Known for his contagious smile and invigorating enthusiasm, he influenced a generation of lung cancer researchers and was a fearless advocate of lung cancer patients and families. He left us on Easter Day, his favorite day of the year, symbol of renewal and new beginnings. Pierre was deeply spiritual and lived out the four cardinal virtues with passion and sincerity: prudence, in his ability to discern the good in all people and circumstances; temperance, always focusing on what needed to be prioritized; fortitude, in his fearless optimism in the face of adversity; and justice, a long-standing champion of diversity and inclusion.

- Fabien Maldonado, MD, Nashville, Tennessee, June 2021


Dr. Light has an unusual story and is almost unique in his place in medical history. He wrote one of the classic papers in modern medicine as a resident in 1972 and continued to produce new work and ideas continuously for the last 40 years. He had a most unusual combination of original thinking, mathematical logic, clinical savvy, broad interests, and relentless drive to create new knowledge. His colleagues, friends, students, mentees, and physicians everywhere have benefitted massively from his presence in the field. He was truly a giant in medicine.

- John Newman, MD, writing in the "Giants in Chest Medicine" series of CHEST, November 2014


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