Mobility and In-Hospital Therapy

Add columns for “PT DC Recs” and “OT DC Recs” to see dispo plans on your EPIC list, and consult PT/OT early in hospitalization! 

  • How to reach PT/OT/SLP in hospital:
    • Check “Care Team” in Patient Summary tab for pts’ specific provider and page their associated pager
    • If provider is not listed:
      • For PT/OT page Inpatient Rehab pager 835-1147
      • For SLP: see last note and page number at the bottom


Physical Therapy: specifically targets mobility and activity to overcome physical impairment. (Think: lower extremity and gait). 


Occupational Therapy: aims to improve pt’s ability to participate in daily activities, often involving use of the hands. Skills are tailored to pt’s cognitive abilities. (Think: head and upper extremity).


Speech Language Pathology

  • Perform fluoro-guided video swallow studies and provide guidance for mechanically altered solid and liquid diets
  • Can perform cognitive assessment on patients, helping in assessment of competency


Ordering Home Health

  • VU: CM typically coordinates this for you. If not, place ambulatory referral to home health in discharge orders. Select needed services on dropdown menu
  • VA: Orders à Consult Menu à “Services NOT offered by TVHS” (under Community Care on bottom right) à options for PT and OT under Skilled Home Health in rightmost column