Title and Department
Research Professor
Department of Medicine, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine
Core Director
High-Throughput Biomarker Core
Professional bio

The major research initiatives of Dr. Kahraman Tanriverdi are the regulation of molecular pathways related to transcripts and noncoding RNAs, contributing to metabolic, inflammatory, and atherothrombotic diseases, the discovery of novel mediators of disease that can be applied to large populations, epigenetic regulation of pathways contributing to disease risk factors and how these factors contribute to disease.

Dr. Tanriverdi is the director of High-Throughput Biomarker Core Laboratory, collaborating throughout the world using high-throughput and nano-chip technologies and RNAseq to study gene expression (mRNA, miRNA, exRNA) and provide translational data (proteomics, biomarker, transcriptomics and genomic measurements) for a wide range of projects. This laboratory has generated data for dozens of clinical studies both large and small. Dr. Tanriverdi developed a unique miRNA expression profiling platform with the integration of miRNA primer library and Integrated Fluidic Circuit technology. Combination of these two unique technologies has given the lab the high throughput analysis with precision of gold standard RT-qPCR as well as OLink proteomic measurements.

Dr. Tanriverdi interfaces commonly with biotechnology companies and technology research individuals to create modifications and improvements of novel and existing platforms to improve quality and productivity of the high-throughput lab.

Education ordered
MS - Biochemistry - Cukurova University Medical School - 1993
PhD - Biochemistry - Cukurova University Medical School - 2002