The Rathmell lab explores a diverse set of projects with the goal to better understand the renal cell carcinomas. This objective establishes the framework by which all of us learn together and continue to develop our professional skills as investigators. Our lab mixes undergraduate, graduate, and medical students, along with postdoctoral fellows and research faculty, all held together by a phenomenal lab manager to advance the science of kidney cancer.


Alumni   Where are they now?
"Frank Mason"
Frank Mason
VUMC, Assistant Professor
"Anteneh Tebeje"
Anteneh Tebeje
Yale, Medical Student
"Whitney Brown"
Whitney Brown
UI, Medical Student
"Brad Reinfeld"
Brad Reinfeld,
Former Graduate Student
UCLA, Medicine Resident
"Dakim Gaines"
Dakim Gaines
VUMC, Assistant Professor
"Anna Chytil"
Anna Chytil,
Previous lab manager
"Agi De Cubas"
Agi De Cubas
Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)
Christie Chmieleki Sanford, DDS Dentist, Greensboro, NC
C. Lance Cowey Faculty, Baylor Sammons Cancer Center
Caroline Martz Lee, MD, PhD Faculty, Wash. University St. Louis
Courtney McGuire Yerxa, MS Genetic Counselor, Duke
Shufen Chen, MD, PhD Research Faculty, UNC
Tricia Wright, PhD Faculty, Salk Institute
Adam Sendor EM Resident, GA
Rose Brannon, PhD Senior Scientist, MKSCC
Neal Rassmusson, PhD Postdoc, Texas A&M
Samira Brooks, PhD Postdoc, NIH
Alex Arreola, PhD Lab Corp, NJ
Kate Hacker, MD, PhD Urology Resident, UNC
Yun-Chen (Jeanne) Chiang, PhD Quintiles, Durham, NC
Heather Bethea Horne, PhD KBI Pharmaceuticals
Zufan Debebe, PhD KBI Pharmaceuticals
Armando Corona PhD program, Duke University
Jamie Weyandt, PhD Lab Corp, Durham,  NC
Esteban Terzo, PhD Lab Discovery, Cambridge, MA
Catherine Fahey, MD, PhD Medicine Resident, UPenn
Steven Norris, PhD Calico Life Sciences, CA
Andrew Zaninovich Medical Student, UVA