The Neilson Society, is named after Dr. Eric Neilson, Chair of the Department of Medicine from 1997 to 2010, was developed by Dr. Nancy Brown (Chair of Medicine from 2010-2020), and Dr. Maureen Gannon (former Director of the Neilson Society), to provide support and oversight for the careers of PhD and MD tenure track faculty in the Department of Medicine as they develop their independent research careers.

The Neilson Society is a resource for junior faculty to help them to develop the skills needed to navigate the course toward tenure and promotion. The Society coordinates an informal Peer Mentoring Program small group meetings for all members, as well as more structured monthly Seminar Series throughout the year to discuss issues relevant to basic scientist and physician scientist career development. In addition Mark de Caestecker, Professor of Medicine, Vice Chair for Faculty Development and Director of the Neilson Society, is available for individual mentoring sessions and career counseling. Activities of the Neilson Society are complementary to and coordinated with other VUMC and VU organizations and societies involved in junior faculty development. This includes the Newman Society and BIRCWH, organized by Dr. Kathy Hartman, which support Basic Scientists and Physician Scientist Assistant Professors funded by Career Development Awards, and Faculty Development programs for VUMC faculty organized by Dr. Maureen Gannon, and VU faculty organized by Dr. Alyssa Hasty, in the School of Medicine.

Membership eligibility

All Assistant and Associate Professors in the Department of Medicine on the tenure track, basic and physician scientists involved in basic, translation, epidemiological and clinical science research.