Jonathan D. Mosley, MD, PhD


Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Clinical Pharmacology

Brief Description

Dr. Jonathan Mosley is a clinically trained scientist with a professional background in mathematics, information systems development, and epidemiology, with doctoral training in molecular and mouse models of mammary gland tumorigenesis. His research focus is on developing approaches to utilize Vanderbilt’s integrated electronic medical record and DNA biobank to delineate risk factors that predispose an individual to disease susceptibility. In this context, he has worked on pharmacogenomics projects looking at adverse drug reactions and association studies linking genetic variation to human morbidity. His particular interest is related to re-organizing clinical disease taxonomies to better reflect the underlying molecular and genetic risk factors driving the pathological processes.These mechanism-oriented taxonomies would increase diagnostic specificity, guide the development and use of targeted therapies, and enhance targeted healthcare delivery strategies. Dr. Mosley's current research efforts involve the application of generalized linear mixed models approaches to delineate the etiological relationships among clinical phenotypes.



MD - Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio
PhD, PHARMACOLOGY - Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio
BS - Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania