Scott Haake, MD


Assistant Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine, Division of Hematology and Oncology

Brief Description

Dr. Scott Haake’s passion is studying the molecular biology of kidney cancer in an effort to improve the lives of affected patients. While genomic approaches to the study of cancer remain indispensable, a chasm of information and regulation exists between the transcribed messenger RNA and the function of the individual cell. The study of post-translational modifications of proteins is one approach to illuminating this gap. Rather than rely on the production of antibodies targeting these many events, we have used the mass spectrometer to identify and quantitate these post-translational modifications in both cell line and human samples. For example, we combined immunoprecipitation of tyrosine phosphorylated peptides with mass spectrometry-based peptide sequencing and quantitation to study tyrosine kinase signaling in tumors from patients with clear cell and papillary renal cell carcinoma in an effort to seek out activated signaling pathways as therapeutic targets and further resolve the divergent biology of these kidney cancer subtypes. This work led to an ASCO Young Investigator Award which will fund validation and follow-up studies, including how the tumor microenvironment impacts kidney cancer biology through tyrosine kinase signaling. Moving forward, we plan to leverage this approach to study how mutations in chromatin-modifying genes activate downstream pathways that can promote kidney cancer growth and survival. Our expectation is that this proteogenomic approach will reveal perturbed yet druggable pathways that will enlighten our understanding of kidney cancer biology and suggest novel therapeutic strategies.



MD - University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL
BS - University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

Clinical interest

Areas of Expertise

Hematology / Oncology
Urologic/Genitourinary Cancer


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NashvilleTN 37232