Meenakshi Madhur, MD, PhD

Meena Madhur, MD, PhD

Associate Director of the Neilson Society
Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Clinical Pharmacology

The Neilson Society hosts a monthly seminar series at noon on the first Tuesday of each month, and a tri-annual Neilson Society Lectureship as part of the DOM Medical Grand Rounds.

Monthly Seminar Series

Spearheaded by Meena Madhur, MD, PhD, Associate Professor in the Division of Clinical Pharmacoloigy and Associate Director of the Neilson Society, the monthly seminar series alternates between invited speakers on topics of interest to tenure track faculty and 'Grants in Motion' workshops where members present new and revised applications for feedback. Open to Neilson Society members, the purpose of this series is to serve as a focal point to build community and interactions between tenure track faculty across the 13 divisions in the Department of Medicine. Unlike many of the other VUMC/VU seminars, we are encouraging speakers and audiences to think of these seminars as an open forum for discussion and active participation to drive content, rather than passive listening.

2022 Seminar Series

2021 Seminar Series

Past Seminar Series

Neilson Society Lectureships

In addition to the monthly seminar series, the Neilson Society hosts a tri-annual lectureship series as part of the Medical Grand Rounds. Nominations for this opportunity are solicited from all thirteen Division Chiefs 3 times a year, and a short list selected by the Neilson Society Steering Committee (SC). Final nominations and thematic topics are selected by the SC and approved by the Chair of Medicine. Two speakers are invited to give ~25 minute talks on broadly related topics that will be of general interest to an MGR audience (e.g.: inflammation and disease, metabolism, drug discovery etc.). Our focus for selecting speakers is based on the excellence of the science and impact of their science, not the seniority of the candidate, nor how established the work is in the scientific literature. It is anticipated that speakers at each of these seminars will come from different divisions.

2020 Neilson Society Lectureships