Patient Experience and Equity Research Program (PEERS) lead by Dr. Kerri Cavanaugh, is a multidisciplinary team of clinical investigators and research trainees that examines the practices and factors that influence exchange of information between patients, their families, providers and health systems.  The overall goal of this research team is to understand how health communication is translated into effective health behaviors, better quality of life and best clinical outcomes by people with chronic conditions. 

Patient Experience and Equity Research Program focuses on kidney disease and diabetes and aims to address gaps in knowledge related to:

  • Measurement of novel psychosocial factors
  • Identifying the mechanisms by which these factors influence health behaviors
  • Developing, testing and implementing health communication and motivational interventions to promote optimal health

A priority of our team’s research is the inclusion of patients, family and community member perspectives as well as partnership in research. 

Our team’s experiences consist of:

  • Qualitative methods such as focus groups and interviewing strategies
  • Survey development which has contributed novel validated assessment of health numeracy, kidney knowledge and self-efficacy in kidney disease
  • Community deliberation to elicit important perspectives to inform interventions and prioritize future research
  • Collaboration with local organizations to partner with community members passionate about improving kidney health