Pulmonary & Critical Care Fellowship Conferences

Promotion of fellow education through attendance of divisional conferences as well as national conferences is an important part of our training program. Read below to review information about our specific divisional conferences that fellows attend.

Pulmonary Grand Rounds:

This weekly conference is a showcase for faculty research in pulmonary and critical care medicine. The conference features our own faculty research as well as speakers from other divisions and departments within the University and from other institutions.

Pulmonary and Critical Care Core Curriculum Conference:

This Wednesday noon conference is a clinically-oriented lecture series covering core topics focused on the ACGME core milestones and topics for our specialty.  Speakers include division faculty and multiple faculty experts from other divisions in VUMC.

Fellows’ Case Conference:

In this weekly conference, fellows present interesting and difficult recent cases as unknowns, with a focus on interpretation of chest imaging.  Faculty and fellows discuss differential diagnosis, diagnostic approach, and treatment options.

Critical Care Ultrasound Conference/Curriculum:

Fellows meet in the MICU every two weeks to practice hands-on key skills in critical care ultrasound, under supervision of divisional faculty and our EM-US trained faculty.  Quarterly image interpretation sessions during the Core Curriculum Conference also supplement skills in image evaluation and interpretation for common ICU ultrasound pathologies.

Fellow Research Conference:

Offered twice monthly during the first half of the academic year, this conference highlights fellow research activities.  Early in the year, senior fellows (3rd or 4th year) present their research in progress and research outcomes.  Later in the year, 2nd year fellows present research plans and study designs in order to receive advice and direction from the audience which includes clinicians, basic scientists, nurse research coordinators, biostatisticians and data handling experts.

Ambulatory Conference:

Ambulatory Conference This conference is weekly on Tuesdays and covers important topics relevant to outpatient pulmonary clinical care. The conference includes case-based discussions, journal club, and board review sessions.

Journal Club Conference:

Once a month, fellows present recent published research relevant to our specialty.  Faculty with expertise in clinical and basic science study design attend and provide additional insight regarding study methodology and design. The goal of this conference is to advance understanding of interpretation and review of scientific studies in our field of PCCM.