Within our division, we have 75 current funded grants, and three training grants (T-32) to allow for additional research training for fellows interested in investigative careers. All of our fellows engage in dedicated research during their 18-month research period during fellowship.

Approximately half of our fellows elect to pursue additional research training during a 4th year of fellowship, which allows the opportunity to complete advanced degrees available through the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, including the Master of Science in Clinical Investigation (M.S.C.I.) or Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) programs.

The division has diverse basic and clinical/translational research in the fields of lung injury, interstitial lung disease, pulmonary vascular disease, asthma, lung cancer, ARDS, sepsis, and delirium. Our Division has a strong track record of successful career development award applications from our fellows that support their chosen careers as physician-scientists, Dr. Anna Hemnes serves as the Director of Fellow Research.

Year 1:

Throughout the first year of clinical training fellows are exposed to ongoing research performed by division faculty.  Mid-way through the first year, faculty host a Research Highlights Forum, where faculty with ongoing research present their active research and discuss opportunities for fellows to join their team.  With the help of Program Leadership and mentors, trainees choose a research mentor and a research project before the first year ends.  

Years 2 and 3:

Fellows dedicate themselves to individual research projects, spending roughly 9 months per year dedicated to research training. During the first month of the second year, each fellow participates in an introduction to research course which orients them to research techniques including basic experimental design and conduct, record keeping, biostatistical analysis, scientific writing and ethical scientific conduct. During the second year, a formal career plan is developed by the trainee, mentor, and the research advisory committee to guide the trainee to a successful career in research. 

We invite you to review the diverse and productive research conducted by our faculty located under each individual faculty members listing in our directory.

"Anna Hemnes, MD"
Anna Hemnes, MD
Director of Fellowship Research