Andrew M. Glazer, PhD


Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Clinical Pharmacology

Brief Description
Dr. Glazer is a geneticist interested in understanding which mutations lead to rare Mendelian disease. He is especially interested in rare arrhythmia syndromes and understanding which variants can lead to these diseases. He uses a variety of high-throughput in vitro methods such as automated patch clamping and deep mutational scans. His work has resulted in a consistent record of funding awards and publications. He has a strong commitment to mentorship, including underrepresented groups. During his graduate career he directly mentored three female undergraduates, who each entered medical/graduate school. As a postdoctoral fellow, he mentored an underrepresented minority undergraduate for three years. Dr. Glazer also studies large patient biobank cohorts to understand the impact of variants on disease phenotypes. In 2020, he was awarded an NIH K99 grant.


PhD - University of California-Berkeley