Center for Digital Genomic Medicine

The Center for Digital Genomic Medicine (DGM) seeks to advance medicine by building integrated data resources and developing novel methodologies to directly inform and improve diagnostics and treatment decisions.

DGM seeks to:

  • Establish infrastructure to collect, extract, curate and derive clinically relevant information that is currently not captured during routine clinical care (such as behavior from wearable devices)
  • Create scalable diagnostics and prognostic modeling, including patient identification of rare diseases for potential targeted therapeutics
  • Leverage EHR, genetic, and environmental data to improve understanding of risk factors and inform clinical decision making.

Advancing evidence-based treatments

The generation and application of evidence is fundamental to the practice of medicine in the modern era. Methodologies like randomized controlled trials (RCT) and meta-analyses have produced a body of evidence that has demonstrably improved care for a multitude of common diseases. However, for many rare outcomes or conditions there is often a striking lack of data in which to drive evidence-based clinical decisions.

With the recent expansion of multi-model datasets across electronic health records (EHR), genomics and digital health, there exists an opportunity to fill in gaps of knowledge to improve recognition, diagnosis, prognostic models, and treatment of numerous outcomes including those that are rare.

Our Initiatives

The Center for Digital Genomic Medicine uses electronic health record (EHR) data to identify patients diagnosed with rare diseases and curate the clinical features associated with the diagnosis. 

We are building an institutional resource around collecting, organizing, and providing data to VUMC users, which will enable substantial advances in translating digital health data into clinical utility.

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