Dugan Lab RA III

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The Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) Division of Geriatrics is seeking junior to mid-level physician-scientists. Expected research activities would be basic or translational in nature, and could involve the development and use of animal models for hypothesis testing and translational studies. Applicants should be board-certified and have substantial post-graduate training highlighted by peer-reviewed publications that demonstrate research productivity. Successful candidates would be expected to establish and maintain an independently-funded research program as well as participate in the teaching of graduate and medical students. The ideal candidate would have Geriatric Medicine certification to help support the clinical mission of the Division of Geriatrics, and to allow the faculty to retain a clinical perspective to ground their research, but joint recruitments with other subspecialties of Medicine would also be highly attractive. A competitive candidate would work on basic aging biology, broadly defined, in areas that would complement existing research strengths at VUMC. Examples which are not all-inclusive would include autophagy-proteostasis contributions to aging, immune senescence and inflammaging, Klotho biology and regulation of aging phenotypes, stem cell senescence and the secretory pathway in aging, epigenetics of aging, vascular aging, and Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes. AA/EOE.