Welcome to the Gohar Lab 

Dr. Eman Gohar’s group has a particular interest in identifying the role of renal estrogen signaling in the regulation of blood pressure and renal sodium handling. 

The current goal of the Gohar Lab research program is to define the molecular mechanisms underlying sex-differences in hypertension and associated cardiovascular and renal disease.

Dr. Gohar’s research program, which spans endocrinology, cardiovascular and renal physiology, has already made significant progress in addressing crucial gaps in our understanding of the female kidney. 

Female kidney anatomy

Kidney research on human DNA, cells and anatomy

The long-term goal of Dr. Gohar’s group is to successfully use a systems biology approach, from a single cell to the whole body, to deepen our understanding of estrogenic signaling in cardiovascular and renal physiology and pathophysiology.

Mission Statements

Inspire interest in the prevention of disease, promote human health, cultivate biomedical discovery, provide compassionate care, and educate tomorrow's leaders.