Welcome to the Sutton Lab

Department of Medicine, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

The Sutton Lab

Explores mechanisms of vascular aging, utilizing cell biology and reprogramming techniques to discover targets for intervening on the degenerative processes of aging.

Our goal is to leverage this new knowledge to improve the lives of older patients with cardiovascular diseases.

Haake lab members

Aging has long been considered an unmodifiable risk factor for the development of cardiovascular disease.

However, recent scientific discoveries have revealed that chronological and biological age are distinct processes, and indicators of biological age may be curbed by interventions.

In the Sutton Lab, we are focused on studying mechanisms of vascular biological aging that could lead to insights in promoting healthy vascular aging.

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Recent Activities

2023 Cardiovascular Research Day Presentation

Members of the Sutton Lab presented their research at the 2023 Vanderbilt University Medical Center Cardiovascular Research Day Presentation event.