The Vanderbilt Genetics Institute (VGI) postdoctoral group is open to all postdocs from laboratories that are affiliated with the VGI. We meet on a monthly basis to organize and oversee the VGI journal club. Additionally, we host monthly lunches to informally discuss topics such as: attending academic conferences, manuscript writing and peer review, grant applications, and navigating postdoctoral resources at Vanderbilt. We previously organized a formal presentation about the path to securing a faculty position and we frequently interact with the Human Genetics Graduate Student Association (HGSA). In 2019, members of the VGI postdoctoral group and the HGSA ran in the Nashville Rock 'n Roll 5K and 1/2 Marathon to raise money for #MeTooSTEM, to raise awareness of and provide support for victims of harassment and misconduct in academia.

Current Members: 

Minoo Bagheri

Rui Chen

Zeinab Haratipour

Liz Jasper

Eniko Ladanyi

Megan Lancaster

Bian Li

Tyne Miller-Fleming

Jennifer Richmond

Brittney Snyder

Megan Shuey

RJ Vaitinadin

Bo Wang

Quan Wang

Qiang Wei

Omar Zeid

Dan Zhou