The Vanderbilt Genetics Institute (VGI) was established to foster scientific interactions at the clinical, molecular, and analytical levels by providing state-of-the-art resources to Vanderbilt scientists involved in genetic and genomic research. VGI is uniquely positioned to enable translational discoveries due the enormous university-wide investments in biomedical informatics and precision medicine. These investments are exemplified by BioVU, a biobank of genetic material containing over 225k patient samples and Vanderbilt’s lead role in the President’s Precision Medicine Initiative.

Vanderbilt Genetics Institute Members will have the opportunity to participate in and potentially lead one of several large-scale projects in the institute including but not limited to

  • Deciphering the genetic basis of both rare and common human traits leveraging genetic data and a large electronic health database.
  • Quantifying transcriptional consequences of genetic variants from large samples of RNA-sequencing and whole-genome sequencing data.
  • Modeling and interpretation of how epigenomic changes contribute to the gene regulatory programs that drive cellular differentiation.
  • Exploring how the recent evolutionary history of our species has shaped modern human genomes and created disparities in disease prevalence between populations

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