A significant percentage of patients receiving treatment with immunotherapy will experience adverse events. Given the severe nature of some of these reactions, it is critical that we identify susceptible individuals.
Immunotherapy is a cutting-edge cancer treatment that utilizes the body's own immune system to target cancer cells.
Javid Moslehi, MD (V-POINT Co-Director); Justin Balko, PharmD, PhD; and Doug Johnson, MD (V-POINT Co-Director)


Unleashing the immune system to fight cancer has been a major goal of medicine for over a century. Recently, a number of immune-based strategies have resulted in significant success. Particularly effective have been immune checkpoint inhibitors, at least for some cancer types. These treatments are now being used in many cancers globally. V-POINT (Vanderbilt Program for Optimizing ImmuNo-oncology Therapies) is a multi-disciplinary effort at Vanderbilt to more effectively and safely use immune therapy in cancer patients, using cutting-edge basic science, clinical research, and education.