The V-POLARIS Mission

To leverage large population cohorts involving millions of participants with granular mechanistic studies to design and conduct clinical trials to improve human health locally and globally and to train the next generation of population scientists/clinical trialists.


Two of our current projects include the Veterans Aging Cohort Study and the Microbiome, Metabolites, and Alcohol in HIV to reduce CVD (META HIV CVD) study.

We partner with a number of national research centers and government agencies on projects.

Training and Professional Development

Our K12 training program, V-SCHoLARs, is designed to train future leaders in HIV and heart, lung, blood, and sleep research.

We are proud to support the career development of women and minority scientific investigators.

Our Team

Led by principal investigator Dr. Matthew Freiberg, (seated, center) the Vanderbilt Center for Population Science and Randomized Clinical Trials is collaborative and impactful.

Over the last decade our center has evolved from a singular focus on HIV and cardiovascular disease into a robust population science and clinical trials center.

We support other investigators at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and beyond by training the next generation of population scientists.


Dr. Rachel Chang, Resident Physician at the University California, San Francisco,…

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As part of the META Program Project Grant, V-POLARIS…

Contact Us

For general questions and inquiries, please email our administrator, Megan Stewart.

If you are interested in working with our team and our data, please propose a project using this form.