Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Vanderbilt University and the Vanderbilt Genetics Institute are all committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. This page assembles resources relating to these important topics. 

Health Equity Resources - a toolkit through the Office of Health Equity

Podcast on Race and Ancestry by Alumni Janina Jeff


Anti-Racism in Human Genetics Special Seminar Series

    -"Perpetuating harm: The study of White supremacy from eugenics to modern genomics" by Lea Davis - Recording, use Passcode 6xxu7GQ+

    -"Exploring the reality of human genetic variation: transdisciplinary approaches to race and ancestry in genetics" by Jada Benn-Torres and Melinda Aldrich -  Recording, use Passcode !X#S9s49

     -"Race, race variables, and racism in medicine" by Sophia Kostelanetz - Recording, use Passcode C+yA&.50

     -"Racial disparities in genetic counseling and genetic medicine practice" by Kelly Taylor, use Passcode i$4Raz+5