"Boothby with former members"
Dr. Boothby surrounded by lab alumni and some still current lab members:
Team TOR:  Ariel Raybuck, Lab Manager;  Jessica (Jingxin) Li, Research Assistant
Team ART Sung Hoon Cho, Ph.D., Research Assistant Faculty;  Juyeon Lim, Research Assistant
Team Metabolism & Hypoxia: Shawna McLetchie, Grad Student; Sung Hoon Cho, Ph.D., Research Assistant Faculty; Edna Kemboi, Research Assistant; Ariel Raybuck, Lab Manager; Jessica Li, Research Assistant

Recent Alumni

Shawna K BROOKENS (nee, McLetchie), PhD Vanderbilt (Boothby lab) - post-doctoral research University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia PA) in laboratory of Avery Posey,
Ariel L RAYBUCK, BS .- Scientist, MedImmune - AstraZeneca
Jessica LI, BS - Medical Scientist Training Program, University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia PA)
Edna KEMBOI, BS - Nursing school

Earlier Alumni


Earlier Alumni Former Role in lab Current Position
 Alex Dranovsky, MD, PhD Research Asstant  (SUNY Stonybrook; currently Associate Professor, Psychiatry / Neuroscience faculty, Columbia Univ., NY (K08 & now R01 awardee as PI)
 Andrea Cherrington, MD Research Asstant  (Currently - MD, Professor of Medicine, UAB, Birmingham, AL)
 Sarah Stanley, Research Asstant, (Associate Professor with tenure, UC-Berkeley, after completed Ph.D. at UCSF & post-doc @ Broad Inst. & MIT)
Linda ('Lynn') Stephenson (nee Dzurek) (VUMC PhD Student Director, Global special projects, Sigma-Aldrich, St Louis, MO, after a post-doctoral fellowship, Dept. of Pathology, Washington University Medical School, St. Louis MO
Radiah Corn Meharry Medical College PhD student  Professor & Department Chair, North Carolina A & T (after a post-doctoral fellowship, NIEHS, Research Triangle, NC) 


Earlier ALumni Current Role
 Ding-Zhi Wang, PhD  (Professor, University of South Carolina via Deptartment of Cancer Biology., MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX and AZ S U)
Mark Aronica, MD  (Asstant Professor equivalent, Deptar.ments of Medicine, and Immunology, Lerner Res. Instructor, Cleveland Clinic Foundation)  (K08 & R01 awardee as PI)
Ana L Mora, MD (Professor and Vice-Director of Division, Dept. of Medicine, Ohio State University, via Emory, U. Pittsburgh M.C.)  (K01; R01 awardee)
Jeehee Youn, PhD (Professor, Dept. of Anatomy/Cell Biology, Hanyang University Medical School, Seoul, Korea)
Shreevrat Goenka, PhD  (Assistant Professor, University of Indiana School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN) (R01 awardee as PI) (deceased)
Eric Adeeku, PhD   (staff Microbiologist, US Food & Drug Administration, Rockville, MD)
 Fuping Zhang, PhD (Professor, Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing China)
Keunwook Lee, PhD (Assistant. Professor Hallym University, Korea)Jennie Hamilton, Ph.D. (currently in M.D. program, U. of Tennessee, Memphis, TN)