"DNA Extraction"

The Cardiology Core Laboratory for Translational and Clinical Research (CLTCR)   the following routine service:


  1. Biological Sample Processing – Blood, Urine, Tissue, and CSF
  2. Human Heart Tissue Samples: Flash Frozen, OCT Sections, and Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded Sections
  3. DNA and RNA Extractions from Saliva, Tissue, and Blood
  4. Biomarker Analysis: ELISA Assays and Luminex Multiplex Assays, Roche Assays on cobas e411, such as: C-Peptide, Insulin, Vitamin D, CK-MB, Myoglobin, NTproBNP, and Hs Gen 5 Troponin T
  5. Clinical Central Biobanking including Lab manual set up, assembling specimen collection kit, biobanking, and database set up.
  6. Clinical Sample Shipping & Handling
    1. We are certified (IATA) for domestic and international shipping of biological materials and dry ice.
    2. To request services please visit our iLab page.


Luminex Multiplex

"Roche Assays"


"Roche Assay"