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“Artifical Kidney Holds Promise for those afflicted with ESRD” by KidneyBuzz, 24 December 2014

  • Estimated date of clinical trials for artificial kidney: 2020. Once trials are complete, the device will be available for patient use. Subjects for the clinical trials will likely be patients that have exhibited high levels of antibodies and have been on the transplant wait list for a long time.


“Project seeks to create ‘bioartificial’ kidney” by Paul Govern for Research News @ Vanderbilt, 11 July 2013

  • Approximately 600,000 Americans have end-stage renal disease, yet only 50% of dialysis patients survive three years compared with 90% who receive a kidney transplant. The Kidney Project’s artificial kidney will provide an alternative treatment that integrates smoothly with the human body and faces no risk of rejection. Phase one of the Project, proving the theory and concepts, is complete; phase two, turning the prototypes into functional devices, is currently in progress.

“Artificial kidney holds promises for vast majority on dialysis” by Lisa Cisneros and Kristen Bole for UCSF, 21 March 2013

  • Drs. Shuvo Roy and William Fissell go to Capitol Hill to explain the importance of the device to our congressional representatives.Their Kidney Project was put on the fast track by the FDA in 2012, and they’re looking to begin clinical trials soon. The project was selected for its potential to revolutionize end-stage renal disease treatment.


“Artificial kidney project at UCSF receives $3 million in new funding” by Kristen Bole for UCSF, 1 October 2012

  • After receiving a $2.25 million dollar grant from the National Institute of Health, The Kidney Project receives another $750,000 gift from the John and Marcia Goldman Foundation. Dr. Shuvo Roy estimates, however, that it will take at least another $13 million to bring the artificial kidney technology to a level in which it can be used in clinical trials.


“Cleveland Clinic doctor works to perfect implantable dialysis device” by Angela Townsend for Cleveland local news, 14 October 2009

  • Dr. William Fissell of the Cleveland Clinic has been working on a project to bring the artificial kidney to fruition for nearly 10 years. In 2007, a fully-fleshed project proposal was submitted. Along with Dr. Shuvo Roy, they are currently working to shrink the device down to soda-can size or smaller.