CDSI Resources for Patients

Community Outreach  

  • D.R.E.S.S. Syndrome Foundation: A collaborative network of patients, families, researchers, and physicians dedicated to educating the public and medical communities about the severe adverse drug reaction, D.R.E.S.S. Syndrome

  • Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Foundation: A non-profit foundation providing the public and medical communities with information on adverse drug reactions

  • SJS Canada: A non-profit organization dedicated to supporting survivors, family, friends, and care-givers in the SJS/TEN community

Educational Resources 


Read stories reporting on the latest research from CDSI investigators here.

Patient Care

Patient Stories 

  • Hockey player, survivor, supports TEN research: Read the inspiring story of Louis Chaix. Donate to support TEN research.

  • Listen to a podcast from the DRESS Syndrome Foundation 

  • Read the story in memory of Angela Anderson. Donate to support SJS/TEN research.

Research Studies  

  • See an overview of our research studies here, including studies and clinical trials currently enrolling