SJS/TEN 2023


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SJS/TEN 2023

SJS/TEN 2023 Overview

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

A heartfelt thank you for participating in our biennial SJS/TEN meeting SJS/TEN2023: Bringing Science to All held virtually on August 26 and 27, 2023. This meeting brought together interdisciplinary scientists and clinicians, students, representatives of government/regulatory agencies, non-profit leaders, patients, and family members.

Highlights from the 2023 meeting: 

During the opening day welcome message led by meeting chairs Drs. Elizabeth Phillips, Haji Saeed, and Robert Micheletti, we watched a trailer for the documentary "Louis Chaix, A Journey With Purpose," which can still be viewed here. This documentary, the full version of which will be released in the Spring of 2024, details every moment in the exciting journey of TEN survivor Louis Chaix, who set a national record in his journey rollerblading across the United States from Venice, California, to New York, New York. 

The meeting launched with community-focused concurrent breakout sessions hosted by faculty and community members. In addition, an informative session on grant writing and funding opportunities was led by three NIH institutes (NIAMS, NCATS, and NIAID) and aimed at early career scientists.

SJS/TEN 2023 also included:

  • A workshop highlighting the progress and challenges of using several diverse laboratory, informatic, and imaging tools for genetic screening, diagnosis, and drug causality assessment 
  • Oral abstract and poster presentations from early investigators 
  • A pro-con debate on SJS/TEN treatment 
  • A roadmap for recognizing diverse presentations of SJS/TEN and mimickers across different skin tones and pigmentations 
  • A session on SJS/TEN and reactive infectious mucocutaneous eruption (RIME) in children 
  • A presentation on the global perspective with SJS/TEN in HIV and TB co-infected patients.

Recordings of all sessions from SJS/TEN 2023 can be seen here or below. To download the complete meeting program, please click here.  

Warm regards,  

Drs. Elizabeth Phillips, Haji Saeed, and Robert Micheletti 
SJS/TEN 2023 Meeting Chairs 

SJS/TEN 2021

SJS/TEN 2021 Overview


Dear Friends and Colleagues,    

Thank you for participating in SJSTEN 2021, Collaboration, Innovation, and Community, which was successfully held as a virtual meeting on August 28 and 29, 2021. This third biennial SJS/TEN meeting drew physician-scientists and the larger SJS community together for the latest information on predicting, diagnosing, and treating SJS/TEN.

A white paper was written from the information generated at this meeting. It provides an updated analysis of current research and clinical priorities for SJS/TEN and details the next steps for moving the field forward. (Marks M, Botta R, Abe R, Beachkofsky T, et al. Updates in SJS/TEN: collaboration, innovation, and community. Front. Med. 2023;10:1-21. doi: 10.3389/fmed.2023.1213889. PMID: 37901413; PMCID: PMC10600400.)

Highlights from the meeting:  
There was a tribute to the late Dr. Jean-Claude Roujeau, who passed away in 2021. He was a true pioneer in SJS/TEN research and clinical care. Early investigators gained the opportunity to deliver poster and oral presentations and to learn about NIH funding and priorities for research. In addition, there was a workshop dedicated to SJS survivors, family members, and the larger SJS community.

SJS/TEN 2021 also included:

  • A pharmacogenomics workshop
  • A poster discussion session for trainees
  • Over 25 keynote sessions on cutting-edge topics related to SJS/TEN
  • Panel discussions
  • Feature sessions on NIH funding, grants, and publishing

Recordings of all the sessions can be seen here or below. To download the complete meeting program, please click here.

Many thanks,  

Drs. Elizabeth Phillips, Sherrie Divito, and Charles Bouchard 
SJS/TEN 2021 Meeting Chairs


SJS/TEN 2021 Recordings of the talks, panel discussions and oral abstract presentations


Pre-meeting Introduction by Dr. Elizabeth Phillips


Poster summaries


Day 1, Webinar 1: Pharmacogenomic Workshop


Day 1, Webinar 2: SJS Survivor, Family and Community Working Group


Day 1, Webinar 3: NIH Funding and Priorities for Research


Day 1, Webinar 4: Opening Session Talks by Alicia Bianco and Louis Chaix


Day 1, Webinar 5: Oral Abstracts Presentations


Day 1, Webinar 6: Registries, Electronic Health Records, Networks and New Studies; Innovation and Implementation


Day 2, Webinar 1: A Tribute to Dr. Jean-Claude Roujeau - by Dr. Maja Mockenhaupt

Registries, Electronic Health Records, Networks and New Studies; Innovation and Implementation


Day 2, Webinar 2: Report Back From Pharmacogenomics Workshop; Immunotherapy Toxicities


Day 2, Webinar 3: How to get published; Long-term Sequelae of SJS/TEN


Day 2, Webinar 4: Updates for Patients and Clinicians


Day 2, Webinar 5: Moving the field forward


Day 2, Webinar 6: Regulation, Innovation and Implementation


Day 2, Webinar 7: Report from SJS Survivor, Family, and Community Workshop

SJS/TEN 2019

SJS/TEN 2019 Meeting Videos

Meeting Videos:


Panel Discussion Pharmacogenomics and Considerations for Implementation

Day 1, SESSION 1 Racial Disparities

Day 1, SESSION 1 Funding Opportunities in Adverse Drug Reactions & SJS/TEN Pharmacogenomics Research

Day 1, SESSION 2 Clinical Approaches Update on Management

Day 1, SESSION 3 Updates in Global Regulatory Science, Pharmacovigilance and Data Mining

Day 1, SESSION 3 Applications in the Electronic Health Record to Improve Drug Safety

Day 1, SESSION 4 Genomic Approaches for Prediction, Prevention, Treatment - Technologies & Discovery

Day 1, SESSION 5 Special Populations, Challenges and Diagnosis

Day 1, SESSION 6 Update in Ocular Science

Day 1, SESSION 7 Patient and Family Stories