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Does treating the ADRs from checkpoint inhibitors reduce their anti-cancer efficacy? (Asked by Michele Ramien)

No, it does not. Thank you

(Answered by Mario Lacouture)

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Panel Discussion Pharmacogenomics And Considerations For Implementation

Day 1, SESSION 1 Racial Disparities

Day 1, SESSION 1 Funding Opportunities in Adverse Drug Reactions & SJS/TEN Pharmacogenomics Research

Day 1, SESSION 2 Clinical Approaches Update on Management

Day 1, SESSION 3 Updates in Global Regulatory Science, Pharmacovigilance and Data Mining

Day 1, SESSION 3 Applications in the Electronic Health Record to Improve Drug Safety

Day 1, SESSION 4 Genomic Approaches for Prediction, Prevention, Treatment - Technologies & Discovery

Day 1, SESSION 5 Special Populations, Challenges and Diagnosis

Day 1, SESSION 6 Update in Ocular Science

Day 1, SESSION 7 Patient and Family Stories