STEVENS-JOHNSON SYNDROME/TOXIC EPIDERMAL NECROLYSIS 2021: Collaboration, Innovation and Community 

Dear SJSTEN 2021 faculty members, colleagues, and friends,  

We are happy to announce that the SJSTEN 2021 meeting will be a virtual meeting the weekend of August 28 and 29.

There will be an opportunity to pre-record talks.  We have endeavored to make this as interactive as possible and to encourage live discussion.

Some highlights of the meeting:

  • Tribute to the late Dr. Jean-Claude Roujeau who passed away earlier this year– a true pioneer in SJS/TEN research and clinical care and SJS survivor/family  and community workshop
  • A pharma cogenomics workshop
  • A poster discussion session for trainees
  • Over 25 keynote sessions on cutting edge topics related to SJS/TEN including some concurrent scientific sessions.
  • Panel discussions
  • Feature sessions on NIH funding, grants and publishing

Please visit the SJS 2021 registration website for the full program and to register for the virtual meeting.

Register for SJS-TEN 2021
Register for SJS-TEN Virtual Meeting 2021

Many thanks,

Your co-chairs

Elizabeth Phillips, Sherrie Divito and Charles Bouchard