As part of its education and outreach program, the Vanderbilt O’Brien Kidney Center (VOKC) organizes two, intensive two- to five-day, in-person, hands-on and practical mouse kidney research workshops each year. These are designed for laboratory staff, trainees and/or faculty interested in learning more about the practical challenges of mouse kidney research, developing new skills and/or mastering techniques to transfer back to their own institutions. By the end of each course attendees will be sufficiently versed in these techniques to be able to set them up at their own institutions.

Mouse Kidney Injury Workshop


Five-day hands on, supervised training workshop that focuses on kidney injury models, surgical techniques, tissue and body fluid collections, and renal function tests in mice


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Renal Translational Pathology Workshop


Three-day intensive workshop that focuses on mouse kidney pathology, including training in quantitative and qualitative analyses of different renal pathologies and stains


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