Core Services

The Vanderbilt O’Brien Kidney Center supports four biomedical research cores:

  • Three of these cores, the the Cell and Genome Engineering Core, the Histology and Molecular Pathology Core, and the Phenotyping and Pathophysiology Core, provide services to investigators utilizing preclinical models of kidney injury.

  • The fourth core, the Clinical and Translational Core, provides services for investigators involved in translational and epidemiologic research.

Cell and Genome Engineering Core

This Cell and Genome Engineering Core genetically manipulates kidney cells both in vivo and in vitro and helps with the isolation, propagation, and characterization of nephron-specific cells.

Clinical and Translational Research Core

Advances in molecular biology, diagnostic technologies, "big data" and predictive analytics offer opportunities to provide novel insights into the mechanisms underlying human disease.

Histology and Molecular Pathology Core

This Histology and Molecular Pathology Core oversees the Center mission to advance effective translation of new therapeutic approaches to the treatment of kidney disease.

Phenotyping and Pathophysiology Core

This Phenotyping and Pathophysiology Core provides a broad range of services that aid researchers interested in utilizing murine models for kidney-related research.

Contact VOKC leadership:

Ray Harris, MD

Ann and Roscoe R. Robinson Chair in Nephrology
Associate Director, Division of Nephrology & Hypertension
Director, Vanderbilt O'Brien Kidney Center


 Ambra Pozzi, PhD

Professor of Medicine, Division of Nephrology & Hypertension
Co-director, Vanderbilt O'Brien Kidney Center


For more information and questions, please email Jennifer Rieke, Program Manager, or call (615) 343-5400.