Welcome to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center

High-Throughput Biomarker Core Lab

At our Core we provide cost-effective high-throughput and rapid gene expression, complete miRNA, SNP genotyping and proteomic analyses by using gold standard RT-qPCR and sequencing methods with the combination of custom Integrated Fluidic Circuit technology from Standard BioTools and Illumina NextSeq 2000 Instruments.

Single Cell Gene Expression

We can help you analyze up to 96 live single cells for up to 96 different gene expressions by using Fluidigm Biomark HD. 

miRNA and Gene Expression Profiling

Our High-Throughput Biomarker Laboratory can help you to analyze hundreds or thousands of miRNAs and / or Gene Expression analysis on hundreds to thousands of samples in a very short time at an affordable price.

Proteomics: Protein by qPCR and Sequencing

We can detect 3072 proteins level in 88 samples simultaneously in less than 2 days. Samples can be plasma, serum, cell lysates, urine etc. Only 7 µl sample is  sufficient.