Title and Department
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Rheumatology and Immunology
Professional bio

Juan Pablo Arroyo Ornelas, MD, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Nephrology and Hypertension within the Department of Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

His research focuses on how the kidney regulates fluids and electrolytes. Dr. Arroyo’s PhD and postdoctoral work was in renal physiology, with a focus on how salt impacts blood pressure. This has led him to study other pathways that regulate renal and cardiovascular function. He is now particularly interested in the hormone vasopressin and the role that vasopressin plays in health and disease.

At Vanderbilt, Dr. Arroyo completed internal medicine and nephrology training as part of the physician-scientist training program. He was recently awarded the Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation — the nation’s largest philanthropy dedicated solely to health — to study alternative functions of vasopressin.