Center for Asthma Research recent publications and accomplishments:

School of Medicine in top 10 in NIH funding: survey

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine ranked 10th in the nation in total research grant support provided by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in fiscal year 2023, according to figures…

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Vanderbilt Biostatistics Summer Internship for Underrepresented Undergraduates

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How breastfeeding alters the microbiome and protects from infant respiratory disease

A study of over 1400 children demonstrate the effect of breastfeeding on the infant microbiome as a mechanism through which breastfeeding protects infants from respiratory illness. These results…

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Discovery of new target for asthma prevention

May 2023 - A study of almost two thousand children has identified that delay in infection by the ubiquitous early life viral virus known as respiratory syncytial virus (aka RSV) decreases risk of…

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Identification of RSV viral strains that may result in persistent infection in infants

April 2023 – An international collaborative effort led by Vanderbilt Center for Asthma Research and Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne investigators identified an RSV viral variant associated…

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CAR Group Shout-outs:

  • Hartert and Bacharier serve as expert panel members and authors of new US and international asthma guidelines, ERP-4 and GINA.
  • Brittney Snyder, PhD, awarded NIH K01 Mentored Research Scientist Career Development Award.
  • Shikha Saxena, MD, received an abstract scholarship for the 2022 American Thoracic Society (ATS) conference.
  • Stokes Peebles, Jr., MD, received the Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s 2022 Award for Outstanding Contributions in Research.
  • Study Explores role RSV plays in asthma development
  • Stokes Peebles, Jr., MD, was elected to membership in the Association of American Physicians (AAP), one of the nation’s most respected medical honor societies. Read the story in The VUMC Reporter here.