Hospital Consulting Services

The Center for Professional Health can help you identify the root causes of burnout and implement practical solutions that foster a culture of well-being.

Creating cultures of professionalism and wellness

Every system has its unique strengths and challenges, and some may encounter obstacles that increase the risk of burnout among its workforce.

CPH Consulting Services guides small healthcare systems in identifying the root causes of burnout and in implementing practical solutions that enhance engagement within the workplace.

By fostering a culture of professional health and wellness, we aim to promote joy and well-being among all members of the healthcare team.


  • Organizational and individual approaches to reducing sources of burnout
  • Assessments to identify areas of stress and burnout
  • In-person visits to gather information for building solutions to workplace challenges
  • Recommendations for continued enhancements

Presentations and workshops

  • Virtual and on-site presentations and workshops for individual groups/teams and leadership
  • Half day to 3-day immersion programs
  • Targeted interventions
  • Engaging and interactive sessions
  • Assessments (optional)

Topics covered

  • All aspects from wellness to stress to burnout to impairment
  • Joy in medicine, happiness, and resilience
  • Creating cultures of wellness and professionalism
  • Setting best office practices for proper prescribing of controlled substances
  • Using encouragement to support health cultures over time
  • Conflict management and relationship management

Target Audience

Small and medium hospital systems and practice groups or divisions/departments within a system

Our History

In 1988, The Vanderbilt Center for Professional Health (CPH) offered its first training program on Safe Prescribing of Controlled Substances. With a grant from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in 1997, the organization expanded resources for education and research. Now with over 30 years of experience, we serve as a guide for helping physicians and healthcare providers nationally.