Sexual Boundaries

  1. The Sexual Boundary Violation Index: A Validation Study
  2. A Continuing Medical Education Approach to Improve Sexual Boundaries of Physicians
  3. Sexual Boundaries and Physicians
  4. A Continuing Education Course For Physicians Who Cross Sexual Boundaries


Prescribing Practices

  1. Tennessee’s New Prescribing Laws and Old Habits: Effectively Caring for Patients Using Controlled Substances
  2. Physicians Who Misprescribe Controlled Substances
  3. Progress, Not Perfection
  4. Lessons on Prescribing Controlled Drugs
  5. Changes Made By Physicians Who Misprescribed Controlled Substances
  6. CME Courses On Proper Prescribing Substances


Disruptive Behavior & Professional Health

  1. Case Study: Transformative Learning in a Professional Development Course Aimed at Addressing Disruptive Physician Behavior
  2. A Plan for Identification, Treatment, and Remediation of Disruptive Behaviors in Physicians
  3. Physician Well-Being Programs
  4. Mid-Career Burnout in Physicians
  5. Dying for a Drink
  6. Physicians Impairment by Substance Abuse
  7. Consequences of Physician Disruptive Behavior
  8. A CME Course Aimed at Addressing Disruptive Behavior


Professional Medical Education

  1. Rethinking CME: An Imperative for Academic Medicine and Faculty Development. Davis, David A.; Prescott, John; Fordis, C. Michael Jr.; Greenberg, Stephen B.; Dewey, Charlene M.; Brigham, Timothy; Lieberman, Steve A.; Rockhold, Robin W.; Lieff, Susan J.; Tenner, Thomas E. Jr., Academic Medicine. 86(4):468-473, April 2011.



  1. Rethinking CME: An Imperative for Academic Medicine & Faculty Development
  2. Corrective Medical Education: CME focused on physician behavior