Residency Alumni

Rachel Barker, MD Private practice in Nashville, TN
Alexander Hicks, MD Mohs Fellowship in St. Louis, MO
Elizabeth Machen, MD

Private practice in Lafayette, LA

Ashley Matthews, MD Private practice in Nashville, TN
Matthew Wallace, MD Mohs Fellowship in Pittsburgh, PA
Erica Grilletta, MD

Private practice in Nashville, TN
Previously, Mohs Fellowship at VUMC

Alexandra Navarro, MD Private practice in Nashville, TN
Anne Wester, MD

Private practice in Denver, CO


Jonathan Braue, MD Private practice in Vero Beach, FL
Brandon Danford, MD      Private practice in Dallas, TX
Zachary Jones, MD Academic dermatology at VUMC
Lilly Zhu, MD Private practice in Nashville, TN

Dr. Jonathan Braue

Alumnus Spotlight:  Dr. Jonathan Braue
Vanderbilt Dermatology is an astounding residency program. As an attending, I feel prepared to tackle any dermatological issue that comes my way. Vanderbilt offers incredible training in complex medical dermatology, dermatopathology, dermatological surgery, and pediatric dermatology. There are subspecialties such as cutaneous lymphoma that offer world class teaching! I currently work at Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital, Scully-Welsh Cancer Center, seeing a diverse group of cutaneous oncology patients, surgical patients and general dermatology.
Bobby Bradi, MD Private practice in Naples, FL
Nicholas Frank, MD

Private practice in Baton Rouge, LA
Previously, Mohs Fellowship at St. Louis University

Kayla McNiece, MD Private practice in Bellaire, TX
Previously, Mohs Fellowship at Skin Care Physicians of
Lee Wheless, MD, PhD          Academic dermatology at VUMC
Dr. Kayla McNiece Alumna Spotlight:  Dr. Kayla McNiece
My residency training at Vanderbilt was an amazing experience and set me up for the perfect career. Not only are the attending physicians leaders in the field, they are personally invested in the residents' success. When applying for my Mohs micrographic surgery fellowship, I felt the full support of the entire program--director, surgeons, coordinators, and all. I know they were instrumental in obtaining a fellowship position and preparing me for it. In addition, I received strong support and letters of recommendation from the Vanderbilt faculty which helped me acquire the international grant offered by the American Academy of Dermatology (where I spent one month as a general dermatologist in Botswana). Most importantly, the dermatology department feels like family to me. We were, and continue to be, a close knit group of friends and professional colleagues. 
Charles Darragh, MD

Private practice in Greenville, SC
Previously, Mohs Fellowship at VUMC

Vanessa Johnson, MD Private practice in Melbourne, FL
Matthew Livingood, MD          Private practice in Washington, DC
Brian Thomas, MD Private practice in Maitland, FL
Dr. Charles Darragh Alumnus Spotlight:  Dr. Charles Darragh
Vanderbilt Dermatology means the world to me.  It helped shape me into the confident, well trained dermatologist and Mohs Surgeon that I am today.  I owe my career to all of my excellent mentors at Vanderbilt, and I wouldn't change a thing that I experienced during my training.